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reader feedbacks

I love the way the words draw me in and relate to my own life experiences, yet cause me to rethink them at the same time. A forever book in my bookshelf.

Amazon Customer

This book is a perfect amalgamation of what it feels like to be perfectly and utterly human, knowing your own faults and learning to live with them. The book itself has a great feel and the lettering is plenty big for those with more poor eyesight. But the actual content is best described as human. As most poems should be, what fills this book are most reflections of self. And oh boy, are they interesting. I hope I’ve said enough, because the writer of this book has given me more than I can ever ask for, with not only this book, but also as my friend in real life.

Thank you.
Michael Schneider

If modern poetry is your thing, and you hate shallow content this is the book for you! I know the author personally, and he’s never been one to disappoint with his work. There is deep emotion behind every poem, he is very talented!

Faith Kuszewski
Beep boop
Isaac Geranton